Benedictine Spread

ille 031It’s Derby Time.  Which means you start seeing some weird drinks and food.  One of my favorite Louisville foods happens to be Benedictine Spread.  So I decided to make a  “Louisville tea time” meal.  Small finger sandwiches (Benedictine and Egg Salad) and a salad that just basically consisted on left over produce I was almost out of…..but it worked AND it was delicious.

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  • 1 Large cucumber (peeled, scooped free of the seeds in the center and diced)
  • 1 package reduced fat cream cheese, room temp
  • 1\2 cup chives, diced fine (or you can use parsley, or dill, really, it’s flexible, even if not traditional)
  • 1\2 cup minced white onion
  • hot sauce, a liberal dousing…like 3-4 good shakes (I used Texas Pete)
  • salt/pepper (sea salt and cracked pepper)
  • Green food coloring (I just used a drop, two would have made it pretty dang green)

Prep your cucumber.  Put it in a small food processor.  Pulse for about ten seconds.  Then remove the cucumber and get rid of excess water, whether with a cheesecloth or a good paper towel.  Let it sit, wrapped, to get as much of that moisture out as possible.

Then in food processor add the rest of the ingredients.  Pulse for like…fifteen seconds?  Just get it mixed.  Once you’re sure your cucumbers are as dry as you can get them, stir it all together.  Refrigerate.  You can serve it on pretty much any bread but I prefer pumpernickel.  You can also dress your sandwich with some other things.  Like bacon and watercress. You can add some mayo to the bread.  Some people put mayo in the spread but I was trying to go healthier and I didn’t miss it, tbh.

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