Carmalized Onion, Blue Cheese and Bacon Pie

Today was one of those days that I didn’t have time to go to the store and I had some things I needed to use up.  Which often becomes my best work.  So….I wanted comfort and savory. 6-10 slices of hickory smoked bacon (only YOU know how much bacon you need….or want….or both…) 1 package …

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Egg Salad

Yes, there are 1 million egg salad recipes.  Your brain will literally explode if you go looking for one.  Everyone has their own.  So what.  Egg salad is delicious.  This should feed 4 people some tasty sandwiches. 6 hard boiled eggs, chopped in bigger pieces. 1\2 cup chopped celery, not too fine, just nice slices …

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Pumpernickel, Turkey and Apple/Cranberry Sandwich

      Sandwiches are fun to make and get creative with in the kitchen.  I usually just go with what sounds good together to me.  With so many sandwiches floating out there it’s impossible to come up with something very new or unique, I am sure it’s all been done before at some point, …

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Turkey, Bacon and Apple Sandwich

  Ciabatta bread Thick sliced roasted turkey Thick sliced bacon Swiss Cheese Sliced Green Apple Mayonnaise It’s a simple sandwich.  Fun and easy.  Also very delicious.  Just heat your oven to 350 and melt your swiss cheese over the turkey.  Cook your bacon.  Slice your apple in thin slices and build your sandwich.

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