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Cooking is a Passion

Welcome to my Nommery

Welcome to my Nommery.  I am not a trained chef, I just play one in my kitchen.

I’ve been either at the heels of people cooking or doing it myself since as long as I could stand.

  I grew up watching my grandmother and mother (both wonderful cooks) to Chef’s in kitchens.  It’s something I took to immediately. Over my quest to LEARN ALL TEH FOOD, I have gotten so much enjoyment out of the skills I have obtained that I thought I’d share with the world.  That and some of my friends are demanding creatures!

My recipes are not overly complicated, usually include healthy ingredients, and cover a wide span of cuisines. Cooking should be fun so don’t overthink it.

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  1. Amy Love your site…sent it to Ross (my son who loves to cook too! check out a dry rub we use…we order it on line http://www.chubbychaps.com It is wonderful stuff….we use it on just about everything….before and after!!!! They have mild, Med and hot and we use and order them all….!!!

    Reggie oates

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